Praise Report

19 Apr

Thank you everyone who has been praying for my cousin Graham.  Please keep those prayers coming – they’re working!

Graham is now eligible for a 2-year research study and his dr is trying to get him enrolled as quickly as possible.  It might not be the complete healing miracle we’ve been praying for, but it IS an answer to prayer and one we’ll gladly take!

We celebrated Andy’s 10th birthday last night, complete with extended family members.  Manny’s aunt and uncle, whom we haven’t seen or talked to in more than 5 years, came to the party.   They talked for hours and cleared up a lot of miscommunication that was present on both sides.   For the most part she reiterated things I’ve been telling him for a while now and I guess hearing it from someone else helped it sink in.   God is working big time in his life and I’m so excited.

Halley, my (ex) sister-in-law, came down from Austin with my nephew Ronnie just for the evening as well.  It was great seeing them again.  She’s finally starting to grow up and slowly becoming the woman God has planned for her to become and it thrills my heart to see that happening.  She’s breaking free of those chains that her family have held her with for so long now and is starting to see the true reality of those around her.    There’s still talk of her getting back together with my brother once he’s out of the Army and I would love to see that.  They truly are in love with each other, just not at a stage in their life where they can be together without constant fights.  I think once Joey’s home and Halley matures some more, things could be much better for them than they were in the past.  There’s also some other stuff going on that I’m not at liberty to discuss right now, but keep her in your prayers too.  Thanks!


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2 responses to “Praise Report

  1. blogavad_gita

    April 19, 2008 at 11:55 pm

    Hi sorry to bother you guys,
    I came across a website set up to make fun of christian groups,
    but what is even worse, it mocks Jesus himself
    what could they be thinking?

  2. michaelmichael

    April 20, 2008 at 12:09 am



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