Turtle Rescue!

12 May

Some pictures from the Turtle Rescue that Andy and I went on Saturday.   Wading (and falling) through several feet deep mud and muck, we caught a total of 22 turtles (sliders, soft shells, mud turtles, and cooters – never did catch the snapper) and 56 fish (alligator gars, giant plecos, pike and carp).   Another group went back Sunday morning and caught another 17 turtles/12 fish to relocate.     Unfortunately, I also caught an allergic reaction to something unknown in the water.  It’s going away though. 🙂

It was an amazingly powerful experience to help save the lives of so many critters.   It was also lots of fun to meet the people that we chat with online though.  Andy and I can’t wait to go help out again, but next time we’ll be better prepared with the proper supplies.

Waiting to see who was being adopted and who was being relocated

Andy looking at the very large plecos that Gina caught. (Yes, those are "fish tank algae eaters! LOL)

A pic of the lake we were working in.  Not much water, but A LOT of deep mud and muck.   Construction crews helped us out by standing in the bucket and netting fish.

The saturday a.m. volunteer group

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  1. michaelmichael

    July 11, 2008 at 7:49 am

    Happy Birthday sister 🙂


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