The new building

27 Sep

After months and months of delays, the floorplans for the new building have FINALLY been complete.   We were only supposed to move in AUGUST people.  It’s about time they got with the program!  LOL

Seriously though, the floorplans are complete and Alanna and I spent the better part of Wednesday trying to add cutesy text boxes with everyone’s name onto the PDF’d floorplan without much luck.  The normal text box button won’t let you resize the font, and the advanced text editor that does let you resize the font puts the text box under the floorplan.   Oh yeah.  That’ll make it easy for people to know where they’re sitting.    ::rolls eyes::

Our solution?  We printed the names on neon yellow labels, cut them down to size, and then stuck them on the floorplans.  It’s bright but it worked much better than we expected it would.   Just shows that sometimes the silly ideas are the WTG.

Okay, so where are we sitting them?  Not nearly in as much close proximity to each other as we are now but that’s probably a good thing.     😉

If you’re looking at (what we think is) the front of the building, Alanna’s office is going to be in the lower left corner of the building, btwn Tim’s office and his conference room.  Also in the corner are the HIS and PMO VPs, the IT Security team, and the other project management people that handle the contracts and budgets.   From there, if you go up the hallway and make a right at the coffee bar, then down past about 5 sets of 8 cubes (about 100 ft), you come to some offices ahead of you.  Turn left and in the very back corner quished btwn the back wall and another VP’s office is yours truly.  

Louis was in agreement with me that it was the best location for me in the back – as opposed to an open cube on the corner (BLECH) and the 2nd cube from the corner directly across from his office.  It will be more quiet and provide more privacy for those times I’m working on confidential documents.   Now the issue is going to be train everyone to come to me instead of him, but Louis said we could always put a sign on his door directing traffic.  *G*

Here comes the fun part…

Because the building in general is very large (IT has about 50K sq ft of a 87K building) and we’re housed with 4 or 5 other departments, and there are so many training rooms and classrooms and conference rooms, each department has to select a general theme for the department.   The different areas within that department will then be named accordingly.

Being such a large IT department (~200 people) run by a man that has a server room in his home, has been featured in PC World magazine, AND helped to found a computer company, our chosen theme is only logical.

Star Trek captains

Some of the office areas have already been determined simply b/c it’s the most logical.   Tim’s area will be Starfleet Command, IT Education and the training rooms are Starfleet Academy, the coffee bar will be Quark’s. 

We’re going to set up a website where people can post name suggestions for the other areas and then after a few weeks we’ll close it for voting.    I already have a few suggestions I’m going to submit.  I think Network should be Engineering, and Field Services can be the Away Teams.   I had a great one for the Help Desk too but it’s escaped me for the moment.  Tim says that pretty much anything and everything from the Star Trek universes are game so I’m excited to see what everyone’s going to come up with.

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