Venting, HighPoint, Fireproof & Twilight talk

28 Sep

I got there a little after 830 for prayer. Worship practice was at 9 and then fellowship from about 930-10 until church started. The service was very good – it was about it being okay to vent to God and that it’s better to vent to Him about your loved one than to vent directly to your loved one. Then we ran to jack in the box for burgers and went back to church to have lunch with some friends. Then it was time to start working on HighPoint. We had to move stuff around, figure out what all we were doing and how we were doing it, find all the paperwork and costume stuff we needed and practice. We did a full run through 1x, then took a short break and went back through it a 2nd time focusing on DVD cues and the skits. By then it was 415 so Cathy and I headed to the roadhouse to pop popcorn as part of my lesson, then back around 5 and waited until people showed up. We ended up with 4 youth, 3 HighPoint kids (1-5th), and 3 Rainbows (kindergarten). Not nearly as many kids as we once had, but we’ll grow as word gets back around. But they all still participated b/c we didn’t want anyone to feel left out. Next week groups will be split up doing their own thing. I was nervous the first run through on the platform but I think that’s b/c of the idea of leading my lesson in front of everyone. We moved it to a classroom b/c they had drawing stuff to do and it was easier for both the lesson in general and having to teach it. I wasn’t nervous at all I got nods of approval and encouragement from both Cathy and Wendy.

I’ve only vaguely looked over next week’s HighPoint session, but I know that we’re making coffee filter butterflies and cardstock cocoons. Doesn’t that sound like fun? Our theme is Ecuador and it’s about God changing us from the inside out, so we all wore matching tees turned inside out. We’re “making” a tee too as part of our lesson. Today we went over the bible story of when Stephen was stoned to death. (Andy played a drama queen version of Stephen I might add, but at least he kept still once he ‘died’.) Paul (aka, Cody) was standing their happily nodding as Stephen’s being stoned (the ‘killer’ was Andy’s best friend Jacob – he’s got a very good pitching arm btw, hahaha). Afterwards we let the kids holler out suggestions of what Paul might have been feeling during the event, wrote it on strips of masking tape and taped it to an inside out shirt. These are smart kids, I’m telling you. They named things like envy, angry, murder, aggression, and others I can’t remember, plus of course hate. Hate was written big and bold and stuck in the centre of the shirt near Paul’s heart. As the weeks progress, the “hate” will ultimately be transformed into a giant red heart as Paul makes choices that allow God to change him inside out.

I am both physically and mentally exhausted, but it was definitely a hit. Leonard dressed up as (crazy) Professor Bugginfly – khaki pants, shirt, safari hat, fake glasses and beard, with plastic bugs sticking out of his belt and waving a (fishing) butterfly net around as he chased Kelsey-wearing butterfly wings and antenna – around the sanctuary. I had popcorn as a treat during my connecting flight – b/c it’s an inside out snack of course. There was Stephen’s stoning, and the non-stop movements. This thing has actions for everything, including our bible verse.

My thighs are killing me though from the action songs we did over and over and over. “Jump up, spin around, get up get down” about 6 times almost in a row just during ONE song. And I can’t even tell you how many times we probably sang it to make sure we had the timing and the movements down right. and then when we introduced The Point (When God changes me inside, people can see it on the outside), we all crouched down and popped up one by one repeating it b/c kids learn through repetition. But OI I ache now. And tomorrow’s salt shakers!! Eek! The last time I went to salt shakers – the only time I’ve been b/c of the stupid storm – I thought I was going to pass out during it and it took me 2 days to feel normal again. I can only wonder what tomorrow will bring.
This coming Friday night we’re going to go see that new movie Fireproof. Kirk Cameron plays a fire fighter facing a divorce after 7 years of marriage. Newly saved, his dad gives him a book called The Love Dare and urges him to follow it for all 40 days. It’s by the church that made Facing the Giants and Flywheel and it’s supposed to be awesome. You can actually go buy the book Kirk uses in the movie. I read the intro chapter and day 1 and loved it. I’m definitely going to find myself a copy and try it out. They also have a couple’s study kit that you can get called Fireproofing Your Marriage. It’s being recommended for anyone considering marriage at some point or being married or facing divorce. I certainly know a few couples (besides my own) that need it. I think I’ll get Joey and Halley one for Christmas. I’m going to recommend it to Alanna tomorrow. She’s at a turning point in her relationship with Jason and rough decisions have to be made. I think they of all people could benefit from it.
Keep a couple of my friends in prayer please? After church I was talking with Nicole, whose family lost practically everything b/c of the storm when the roof of their apt building caved in and everything got wet. FEMA denied them assistance b/c Julio makes $13/hr, when their limit for a 5-person family is $12.25. They’re appealing it but still it sucks. They did have flood insurance (got it after Rita) but the insurance company says they won’t cover it b/c it’s not actual flood damage since the roof caved. Sheesh. She said that Julio’s been so upset and they’ve been arguing and he’d even told her wanted a divorce – although she knew he didn’t really want one – he’s just angry. But she said that this morning’s service had both of them in tears b/c it was exactly what they’re dealing with right now. It was God’s reminder that even though we can’t always see, recognize, or understand his footprints during the storm, He’s still there holding on to us during it. I don’t know what God’s got in store for them, but things will be bigger and better, I am positive of that.
Oh, and I uploaded a bunch of pics into a new Twilight gallery. It’s just a hodgepodge of favourites that I’ve DL (legitimately) from other places around the net or that people have sent me. Seriously though, Rob Pattinson is temptation himself. It should be illegal for a man to be that sexy!! *SIGH* Only 53 more days (+ 2 hours and something minutes) and counting until the movie premiere.

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