Day 4

19 Nov

I don’t know what’s going on work – and I’m not complaining – but all of a sudden it seems like I’m busy beyond belief.  It’s not a crazy busy, just a keep myself from being bored busy.  I don’t mind those types of days, especially not right now. LOL

I didn’t get any minutes done today, which is fine. I wasn’t in the mood to do them anyway. I started working on confirmations for a meeting tomorrow afternoon, and I did have a short meeting this morning (I did do those minutes but they don’t really count). 

I’m learning a lot about myself this week and my limitations.  Apparently one chapter is enough to satiate my appetite for fanfic.  Who would have ever guessed?   I haven’t started anything new – I’ve been very diligent about that – but I have read the one chapter updates that have come into my email for stories that I started reading prior to last weekend.  So far it’s only been one chapter a day and that’s great too.  It’ll be harder to behave when they come in all at once. Luckily though I think I only have about 10 stories that are WIP and a few of those are close to being completed, so over the next few weeks it should weed down until they’re gone complete.

Still don’t have a problem with the articles. I did watch a vid of Paramore live on Jimmy Kimmel from last night on YouTube but I don’t think that counts as Twilight related.  Even though the song they sung was from the soundtrack, I like them as a band and have one of their CDs.  Haven’t even bothered going to any of the zillion news and blogging sites that have posted post-premiere interviews though.  Don’t know, maybe it’s just because I don’t figure they’ll say anything new that they haven’t said before.  LOL

The kids are driving me nuts tonight.  Andy’s cranky and isn’t quite being argumentative, but he’s not exactly not arguing either if that makes sense.  I suppose it does if you know him.  *G*  Alex is cleaning turtle tanks.  I was able to get a couple pics of Dory earlier tonight when she was out of the tank and will post them later.  

We have to drop the car off at the mechanic’s later tonight to get the fan clutch replaced. It’s not spinning when it should be – not good.  At least it’s a simple and relatively inexpensive fix. Just pray in agreement with us please that nothing else is wrong with the car!   Manny and Mark went out to dinner and once they get home we’ll drop the car off.  Halley’s coming over later with Ronnie too on the off chance that I need a ride to work in the morning.  I’m hoping to catch a ride with a friend that works in my department that lives out here, but her little girl was sick today so she won’t know until tomorrow morning if she’s going into work or not.  Pray healing for her too please.  🙂

My house is a disaster, I haven’t sorted my Avon order yet, nor have I even eaten dinner.  And I still need to go do some laundry so I have something clean to wear to work tomorrow.  Blech.   It’s just one of those evenings I guess.

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