04 Jan

Tonight we went with our church family to a skating party. It was lots of fun.  I didn’t skate but I chatted and joked with Tammie (who brought her 3 kids) and my other friends from church while we watched everyone else skate.

Andy fell once and twisted his ankle slightly, but he was back on wheels after icing it for 5 minutes.  He ended up leaving with a little girlfriend, Samantha.  Samantha, btw, happens to be one of the little girls that Alex’s girlfriend Nicole babysits.  Interesting huh?  

Alex didn’t fall, but he ended up with a blister. He’s happy with his new blade wheels though and decided that he’ll keep the older ones for outdoors skating and reserve these solely for the rinks.  Fine by me.

*Sigh*  Michelle came over to visit for a bit after we got home from skating.  I’m up waiting on a couple loads of laundry to get finished so I can toss it in the dryer for tomorrow, but I had hoped to get in some reading tonight.  Now how do I do that without being rude?   Don’t know, but I suppose it shouldn’t matter b/c I need to get it done.  I’m already behind and I really don’t want to start out that way the first week in. It’ll only make me frustrated and more likely to give up rather than catch up.

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Posted by on January 4, 2009 in Faith



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