Ice cream!

28 Jul

To celebrate the successful implementation of the Epic Business Systems in 3 hospitals, we’re having sundaes. =)   As of July 7th, EBS is fully rolled out to all 3 hospitals, the dialysis center, 13 community health centers, and ~26 school based clinics.   It’s been 5 years in the making but it’s now out of development (my team) and into production support.  WOOHOO!!

All set up and ready to go. Who’s ready to serve ice cream for 300?

No sundae’s complete without toppings.

Vanilla – Strawberry – Chocolate.  Take your pick.  Or be like me and pick all 3!  *G*

Louis serving the first scoops of chocolate to the early birds.

Servers: Louis, Angela, David, Cecelia
Ice cream!

Servers: David, Cecelia, Terry, Amber

All together we had 6 gallons each of vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry ice cream, 7 lbs of whipped cream, 7 bottles of Hershey syrup, 5 large bottles of caramel syrup, a gallon ziplock bag of rainbow sprinkles, 2 lbs of chopped peanut topping, and probably a gallon sized jar of sliced marishino cherries. 

After ~250 people went through the line, we still packed up about 1.5 gallons of each flavor ice cream, 3 containers of whipped cream, 4.5 bottles of Hershey’s, 4 bottles of caramel, the rainbow sprinkles, a lb of chopped peanuts, and a small bowl of cherries.  I think we’ll be having sundaes for the next few days.  🙂  

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