01 Aug

disclaimer to my friends: this is long. it’s been a very emotional, spiritual morning and i thought it easiest to just keep an email open to record my thoughts over the course of the day rather than try to remember and recreate it all later tonight. if it seems disjointed, i apologize in advance. my mind is not my own today.

i saw the most awesome thing this morning on my way in. it was a young man whose license plate read Mica 6*8. i looked up the scripture as soon as i got in and this is what it says: “He has showed you, O Man, what is good. And what does the LORD require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.” i love that scripture, and i love God’s little reminder to me today. and of course, i can’t *just* read one short scripture and be done with it. oh no, i read Psalm 51 out loud and prayed it as a prayer of repentance, then flipped through scripture about the Sabbath, and then lo and behold, i finally found the scripture i was looking for about sin tax in regards to tithing. i’ve been looking for that reference most of this year and could never come across it.

my heart and my mind are filled with the LORD this morning, so i suppose it’s safe to say my day is going very well. ๐Ÿ™‚

wow. i was sitting here working on the next part of an email to a friend, which was about how bad i’ve been feeling that i’d started this daily success thing and wasn’t giving it my full effort like i know i should have. and then my spirit was so overwhelmed that my chest felt heavy and i couldn’t come up with the right words and i simply HAD to pray. and then that heaviness grew to an almost painful capacity and there i was, on my knees at my cube praying in the Spirit. the heaviness is there, although not as strong anymore, but i can still feel it, and i want nothing more right now than to go sit in a dimly lit corner of louis’ office and pray some more, but that’s not the best option at this point in time. i just wish i knew who/what it is i’m praying for. i know i’ll be given that knowledge when it’s time; i’m just trying very hard not to act impatient.

i plugged headphones into my ipod and turned it loud and i’m just giving myself over to the message of the songs. out of 10 songs, the ones that have resonated include: My Savior My God (Aaron Shust), At the Cross (Pocket Full of Rocks), and Heart of Worship (Erin O’Donnell). ahhh, here comes Randy Travis’ version of Shout to the Lord. I love this song, but he manages to make it sound so much more worshipful than any other version I’ve heard. okay, so maybe I’m biased as he’s my all time favorite artist EV-VER. *sigh* Hiding out in prayer in Louis’ office is sounding much and much better as the day goes on and it’s just barely 9:30.

okay, i’ve got to get some work done today. i think i’ll do PTO and time reports first. the minutes i had planned to do can always wait until next week. huh. Steven Curtis Chapman’s No Greater Love is up. that one is resonating as well. okay, now i’m off to do work. i’ll be back.

PTO reqs have been logged, emailed back, and distributed for filing. my consultant time summary is complete and sent out for their review.

Let the Worshipper’s Arise (Phillips Craig & Dean)

Took care of a couple little things that came into my email, sent a response to Nan – she’s home today not feeling well. Keep her in prayer please.

Here I Am To Worship (Joel Engle)

Emailed Eryn back as well. Now i’m sitting here wondering what to do b/c i’m still not in the mood to start my minutes. I wonder if i have any i can do without pulling audio. hmmm, i’ll have to check. i’m pretty sure i don’t though and i’m not ready to give up my tunes just yet today. so back to sitting here wondering what to do. i’ve checked my personal email via phone, thought about twittering something but i’m not sure how to express all i’m feeling at the moment in 140 characters. LOL so i pulled my bible out of my purse. i don’t know what i’m going to read yet, but something will be given to me.

i’m ready for lunch but it’s way to early for that still.

I’ll shout to the north and the south
Sing to the east and the west
Jesus is Savior to all
He’s LORD of heaven and earth

Hillsong United is on, one of their live songs from the I Heart Revolution cds. I just love their music. if you really want to get pumped up and feel the Spirit moving, listen to them.

It’s now 1:40 and I’m feeling much less… frantic? I don’t even known how to accurately describe what i was dealing with this morning. Still a quiet afternoon. Our vendor’s PM sent me back my spreadsheet indicating which of her folks have rolled off our project, so now I’m getting ready to go through the bag-o-badges i keep in my cabinet and pull out those that need to be inactivated. doesn’t that sound fun? LOL simply no brainer work really. good project for a friday afternoon. ๐Ÿ™‚

The remainder of my afternoon has been largely uneventful. I was unable to track down some training certification Louis needed, but requested duplicate copies be sent. Now we just wait for them to validate he completed the classes and get them in the mail.

We got quite a lot of rain in the past couple hours, which is good. We certainly needed it. It’s cleared up heading out my way so hopefully I won’t have to deal with it on the drive home, or later tonight when Tammie and I go out.

I’m almost finished with my book, Acorna’s People, but I’ll have to renew the others I have at home as I haven’t even started on them yet. and I still have 3 more books on hold at the library waiting to be picked up tomorrow. oi – i need to read more.

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