Maximize Your Mornings Challenge – Day 2 prep

02 Aug

Today I drug myself out of bed at 5:15am with the sole intent of getting some bible reading in.  I read Psalm 1-2 and Proverbs 1-2, with the intention of reading a chapter of each daily.  Together as a family, we’re also starting the 90-day bible challenge but Manny’s taking the lead.

Earlier today I noticed a tweet about a Maximize Your Mornings Challenge and only now got around to reading it.  It’s perfect for me!

Although I’m pretty sure this is geared more towards SAHMs, I think once I’m successful it’ll make the mornings of this working mom much simpler, or at least less stressful – especially once school starts in a few weeks.

My biggest temptation is to play FarmVille in the morning – gotta harvest those crops ya know 😉 – but I know I really need to cut that out of my morning routine, or let Manny harvest for me after I’ve left for the office.

Complete These Action Steps Before Bed Tonight! (p. 5/6)

1. What time will you wake up?
I’m starting at 5:45a, hoping to work back to 5:00a by the end of the month.

2. What time do you  need to go to bed to make sure you still get enough sleep? I know I need 7-8 hours to really function well and even now I’m good if I manage to get 6 hours since I tend to stay up much later than I should.   I’ll am for 10:30p now, with a goal to be in bed asleep by 9:45p by the end of the month.

3. Collect all the items you need for your morning time: Bible and notebook are in my tote bag next to my chair. I’ll go set the coffee to auto-brew as soon as I finish this post.  iPod is sync’d and contains my full worship playlist plus 2 new genius mixes based on a couple favorites.  

4. Set your alarm clack (and a backup clock, if necessary). My alarm is always set to go off at 5a but I normally snooze it until I finally get up and stay up.

5. Find an accountability partner. Going to use my best friends, although they don’t know it yet. I figure if I text all 3 of them, at least one of them will be up by then. LOL

My goal for Tuesday

Worship & prayer time
Read Psalm 3/Prov 3. I’ll incorporate longer daily readings once we get that started but right now I just want to get it set as a habit.

Future mornings will include some exercise time but I’m not in the mood to plan for any of that tonight. LOL

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