Do you know what you’re eating?

02 Mar

The link below is an up-to-date guide that gives quick facts and figures about the genetically modified organisms (GMOs) manufacturers are putting in our food.

There’s a link at the end to another site where you can download or view online brands that voluntarily participate in the Non-GMO Project as well as a list of the “invisible ingredients” that GMOs may be called on food labels.

As a personal testimony, I can honestly say that just with the few things we’ve changed to organic sourced foods has already had a significant improvement in how Manny feels on a daily basis and a significant decrease in my allergy/sinus problems.   Bad days for both of us have been directly traced back to times where we’ve frequently eaten out (esp if it’s fast food) or have been eating higher amounts of processed and junk foods.  I will gladly trade a higher grocery bill for the improved health of my family.   Don’t just take my word for it though. Do the research and inform yourself, then help spread the word.

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Posted by on March 2, 2011 in Food & Fitness


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