Hello Boy Moms!

30 Jul
Today I’m finally linking up to the The MOB Society‘s First Annual Boy Mom Blog Hop.  I’m thrilled you took the time to stop by my little home on the web and pay us a visit. 🙂
<–  That’s me, Bobbey, owner of this blog, wife to my soul mate, and mom to two wonderful teenage boys.  I love coffee and caramel and chocolate, Doctor Who, my kitties, most anything purple, and time spent hanging out with good friends.   You can read more about me by clicking that page link over there on the right. 
God is leading me on a journey into the unknown, one where I’m meant to be an inspiration to other women through His work in my life.  I’m trying my best to be obedient and let myself be guided, and you’ll find the majority of my posts are about what He’s doing in my life and the life of my family around me.
These are my boys. As I’ve already said, they’re wonderful but they do their best to try to drive me crazy most of the time.  
Alex is 17 and going into his senior year of high school.  He has a steady girlfriend, my someday daughter as I like to call her, and aspires to be a graphic artist of some sorts.  Yet I STILL can’t get him to redesign my blog for me.  
Andy is 13 and going into 8th grade. He’s now a 3rd year violinist and extraordinarily gifted in music.  He’s also my mini me, right down to his preference for unsweetened ice tea and caramel or mocha coffees.

As odd as it might seem for a Christian family, sci-fi, fantasy, and cartoons, and video games are big in my house. My boys’ favorite books include the Harry Potter series, Eragon triology, and a score of others that I simply can’t remember the name of.   We allow it because they have a good grasp on the difference between reality and fiction and it makes it easier to witness to their friends when they have good comparisons for reference.


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2 responses to “Hello Boy Moms!

  1. A Complete Thought

    August 1, 2011 at 6:56 pm

    Over here from the M.O.B. blog hop. Your blog title makes me hungry. I appreciate what you said about your boys' fiction choices being based on a foundation of knowing the difference between reality and fiction. I regularly question how much of certain genres to allow them to read. We have discussion times for so many books in hopes of training them to be critical and discerning thinkers. I believe that their reading choices need to reflect that ability. Good to meet you.

  2. Meaghan

    August 2, 2011 at 12:33 pm

    I'm visiting from the MOB BlogHop. It is nice to meet your boys. I read a few of the book you mentioned myself. My boys are so much younger, but it is great to see how other moms with boys are doing out there in the blogging world.


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