September goals – A 3in30 post

31 Aug
September goals – A 3in30 post

I can’t believe it’s already September and time for new goals!

Although I’m calling August goal #3 (reclaiming my mornings) complete, I admit that I am, by nature, not a morning person.  Getting up early will always be a struggle for me until I make it such an ingrained habit that my body and mind know no other way to exist.   I’ll just have to work more on my time management skills and work harder to get to bed at a decent hour.

My primary goal for September was to transition Coffee and Caramel from Blogger to WordPress. However, I completed that task over the weekend and it’s not really a goal, unless you want to say it’s a goal done early.  😉    Honestly, I should have known better because once I start messing with my site I don’t stop until I’m satisfied with.  {Well, I’m not 100% satisfied with it now, but until I have funding for domain names, hosting services, and personalized for me graphics, it’s as good as it’s going to get.}

So with that in mind, I started to think of what other things were really driving me bonkers.  I think those projects are the ones we really need to focus on for the upcoming goals, don’t you agree?

Goal #1 – Clean up my Google Reader account {blogging}

Pre-clean up – September project goal #1

Yes, I’m well aware of how much of a disaster this is.   I just cleaned it out 24 hours ago and it has 98 new entries as I type this. {Maybe 20 of which I’ll actually read, and another half-dozen I probably already saw in my inbox.} In case you didn’t notice, my un-cropped screen shot only shows you blogs through “M”  It would take another 3 or 4 screen shots to show them all.  I probably read less than 50% of what I subscribe to regularly ; I’ve just never taken the time to sit down and clean them out.  Plus there’s always those few blogs that I’ve subscribed to because every once in a blue moon I like a blog post from them. My goal: (a) to pare the list down to only those blogs I actually enjoy reading posts from, and (b) to find a new reader to use for any blogs that I’m just starting to follow and are uncertain how much I’ll gain from them.

Goal #2 – Clean up my favorites/bookmarks {blogging}

My bookmarks are far worse than my reader. You’ve already figured that out, haven’t you?  The background screen is what is in Google Bookmarks, the other menus are on Chrome. The list of links in my “recipe” folder is even longer – one screen shot only takes you to “N”.  I know these two projects go hand in hand, and if I work on them at the same time I can get a better idea of the sites I visit most often. My goal: to streamline and organize my folders and links into a system that is manageable and usable.

Goal #3 – Get started on meal planning {meal planning/homemaking}

For tonight's dinner...

[Please excuse the icky paint-chipped stove. Someday it might get repainted.]

Meals are the bane of my existence.  Okay, so I’m being overly dramatic but if you’re a mom, or a wife, or anyone that has to figure out what is for dinner, you know I’m not really that far off the mark.   Decisions on what to make before dinner are rarely made before 5pm, which means we typically don’t eat until 7 or later. Which I hate.  I had set a new rule for the just-started school year that dinner should be ready to serve by 5:30 and cleanup complete by 7.   I think that has yet to happen, except maybe on the weekend.  I’ve tried to get better about at least knowing what I’m making for breakfast in the morning, and setting out oatmeal to soak, which makes things so much less hectic.  I just need to get consistent about it for all meals, not just a few breakfasts a week.

Based on last night’s decision to have chicken/beef and rice, I put brown rice on to soak before I left for work and wrote instructions on the white board on what to do with it tonight.   When I got home, the boys were working in the kitchen and the rice was still sitting in a pot of water.  Then hubby decided we should have baked potatoes instead.  And so we did.   That’s okay though; brown rice is supposedly better soaked for 24 hours instead of 12, so I’ll cook it in the morning and stick it in the fridge for tomorrow night.  [Hmm, maybe if I take the chicken out to thaw he’ll cook it too?]

So in tandem with cleaning up and sorting out my RSS feeds and favorites, I’m going to work on meal planning. I have a ton of recipes that look like things we’d enjoy, I just can’t find any of them in the mess that is my current non-filing system.  We’re not even going to discuss the almost daily trips to the grocery store b/c we ran out of this or that or whatever-it-is that we need to finish cooking or eating a meal that’s already mid-progress.  Do you know how annoying that is?   My goal: (a) to plan and shop for at least one full week of meals and (b) to try at least 2 new recipes this month.  

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One response to “September goals – A 3in30 post

  1. Petra

    September 3, 2011 at 9:37 am

    Those are great goals. I need to jump on my reader and bookmarks as well. What a mess they are. Maybe that’ll be part of my October goals. I’m new to this 3 in 30 but will be cheering you on from the sidelines. 🙂


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