September goals: week 1 – A 3in30 post

07 Sep
September goals: week 1 – A 3in30 post

Okay, I know it’s just barely the beginning of a true “week 1” but I’ve made a lot of progress so I thought I’d go ahead and share an update.  [This is what happens when I have way to much free time on my hands.]

I thought my first 2 goals of cleaning up my bookmarks and reader would be horrible, time-consuming tasks.  Not so much once I actually got started.  🙂

Goal #1 – Clean up my Google Reader account {blogging}

It only took about an hour {I think} to clean up the reader, and the most tedious part of the task was clicking through different posts and sometimes the website itself to figure out if it was a blog I read. The majority of them were either recognizable by name or were obviously giveaway/product review type blogs and thus easy to save or unsubbed {rather than converting to another reader}.

Pre-clean up, my un-cropped screen shot only showed blogs through “M”, with another 3-4 screen shots to show them all. Now you can just see the top of “W” and a second screen shot would overlap with this one.  Maybe now I won’t miss any of my favorites.  🙂

My goal: (a) to pare the list down to only those blogs I actually enjoy reading posts from, and (b) to find a new reader to use for any blogs that I’m just starting to follow and are uncertain how much I’ll gain from them.  Complete!

Goal #2 – Clean up my favorites/bookmarks {blogging}

It was easy enough to import links from my original Google Bookmarks page and then use Chrome’s bookmark manager to drag and drop links into newly created folders.  Quick and simple clean-up, and it’s sooooo much easier to find things now.  The only downside is that I deleted the G.bookmarks after importing them (so as to avoid duplicates) and only after the fact discovered that for reasons unknown to anyone that does not work for Google, Chrome does not export back into G.bookmarks.  *grumble grumble*

I have a few workarounds already in place but none of them make access quick and easy from another PC. Unfortunately, my options are to either add the links back to Google one at a time, access a Docs file in order to find the link, or sync them to an external site and then remember *that* link whenever I need to find a link. This is a major Google FAIL.  😦

My goal: to streamline and organize my folders and links into a system that is manageable and usable.  Complete.

Goal #3 – Get started on meal planning {meal planning/homemaking}

I completely LOVE how God works!!
I posted my original goals on Wednesday night. Either Thursday or Friday morning, I was reading someone’s blog (sorry, can’t remember who!) that linked to this page where the author was sharing on a link she had found for the meal planning website Say Mmm.  Just what I’m looking for!  I’ve visited many meal planning and/or recipe saving websites but none of them have really called out to me enough to use them on a regular basis.  {Alas, that’s going to be an entire other project just trying to find all those sites and correlate links into one spot. LOL}  I loved Say Mmm though. Recipes are easily saved (even just a link works) but you do have to tell it what you would normally have in your pantry vs. what you’d need to buy  But to me that’s not a big deal b/c it’s a one-time deal as you add each recipe.  Once you have your recipes, you drag and drop into the calendar and voila – you’ve created a meal plan.  You can even enter in your favorite restaurants and drag the restaurant name into your meal planner for days when you know you’re eating out.   🙂
I love that it also has a mobile version of the site too, making shopping a breeze for whatever it is we need.  The one thing I did notice though was the mobile version does not show you full recipes for recipes that are merely linked. In order to view a recipe via mobile, you have to actually c/p it into the website.
During our normal Saturday night coffee chat, I was showing the site to Alicia, who was also suitably impressed.  She already does a minor degree of meal planning, and we made an agreement to spend one of our weekend nights sitting down with our laptops and working on meal plans together.  I know it’s going to take time to get things up to full speed, but it’s so nice to at least have made visible progress already.
My goal: (a) to plan and shop for at least one full week of meals and (b) to try at least 2 new recipes this month. 
  • Saturday I made my own turkey {and beef} sausage and it was good!  After reading several recipes from assorted sources, I decided to just make my own based on what I thought we’d like.  The top picture (just below the header) is turkey crumbles for breakfast tacos or casseroles.  The pictures below are the frozen {uncooked} patties. I cooked 2 for the boys (they were a little dry though b/c I was trying to cook and put up 20# of ground beef at the same time) and made 12 for the freezer.  In fact it was so good, I have 2# of ground turkey thawing in the fridge so I can make more. Then hubby said I needed to make beef sausage so I did.  I have a dozen patties and a pound of cooked crumbles in the freezer. I can honestly say I will NEVER buy pre-made sausage from the store again!  This definitely counts as trying 1 new recipe this month.
  • Update 9/7 – The sausage came out really good. I think the turkey patties need a little something more – additional pepper or maybe the maple syrup will make enough of a difference in the 2nd batch when I make it.  I loved the beef crumbles with the brown rice I had for lunch today, but hubby says the patties were missing something; he thought they tasted too “beefy”. LOL  I did add extra salt and pepper to my lunch, so maybe that made the difference?   Tonight, I made new recipes #2 AND #3. 🙂  Although I’ll admit that I apparently don’t follow directions very well b/c my soup recipe is nothing like what I started with, other than the chicken and rice.  Ha ha!   I’m still working on the whole concept of meal planning but I haven’t really had time to sit down and spend dedicated time on it.  Maybe tomorrow… or Friday…
  • Update 9/9 – We’re on a roll!  We made homemade pretzels last night, which makes new recipe #4.  FOUR new recipes in this household in a week’s time.  That has GOT to be a record of some sort! Ha!   Later tonight, or more likely tomorrow, will be those crispy onions that I’ve just got to have. 🙂

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3 responses to “September goals: week 1 – A 3in30 post

  1. Lindsey

    September 7, 2011 at 7:36 pm

    Wow, you’re doing fantastic! I really ought to take care of my Reader as well, it’s quite cluttered. Good luck with your meal planning! It takes time to get in a groove, but once you get it down, there’s no turning back 🙂

  2. Ruth Mayer Hill

    September 9, 2011 at 8:40 pm

    My goodness, you did better than I did! A whole lot better! Your first two challenges are things I should do but probably never will. Blessings to you this week!

  3. Debbie aka The Queen Mommy

    September 10, 2011 at 8:36 am

    The feedreader goal was huge all by itself – CONGRATULATIONS! And your bookmarks too? It would take me more than an hour to complete either one – but you’ve given me something to think about!!! I’m with you on the meal planning – I need to get into that, but not this month. Will enjoy reading more about how you build on this!


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