My week in review

08 Jan

The tagline for this post should be: Have I actually learned anything?

That would be a YES.  🙂

I’m halfway through my ADD book, Driven to Distraction, and I’m wishing I’d bought the book instead of checking it out of the library. There’s so much I’d love to highlight for future reference.   I’m understanding just how many of those little things I do that drive myself and everyone else around me crazy is due to the ADD.   I’m learning to put some of the things I read about into practice – like the short bursts and baby steps – and am glad to see how much more productive it can help me be, or at least how much more productive I feel like I’m being. Sometimes that’s all that matters.

Right now I’m trying to work more closely with Andy to help him get a better control of his own ADD.  He has a freshly organized school binder and a new notebook to make lists in. He’s understanding why I like things so neat and organized and freak out when they’re not.  If it’s not organized physically, then it won’t be organized mentally.  So far this week we’ve had 3 consecutive days of good effort.  Still having some problems with chores and attitude but we’re making baby steps.

So far I’ve managed to keep up with 31 Days to Pray for Your Spouse.  Today is Day 8: Attitude, and I read/prayed this morning while DH was not showing the best attitude, and then prayed it over myself to change MY attitude towards his attitude.  I may not have changed his attitude, but changing mine certainly helped improve my day.   LOL

Hello Mornings and Bible in 90 Days are now 1 week out.  Manny told the boys today that we will all be doing Bible in 90 Days.  I would absolutely LOVE for us to read as a family and share what we’re learning. How awesome that would be!

Week 1 update on my goals for January 2012.

1. Recipe binders. I have 2 binders already filled with sheet protectors and dividers, I just need to collect all the loose paper copies, sort them, and insert them into the binders.

  • Week 1: Gather recipes. There’s no telling where all I have them stacked at. Done!  My loose recipes are in the top drawer of my cart (where I keep my future reading and blank journals). I also printed out some of my favorites from online along with a few that I hope to try soon and added them to the stack. I did not include Alex’s handwritten-on-sticky-notes recipes because they’re in his shorthand and for everything he himself is responsible for making (like italian bread and tortillas). At some point I’ll have him write them neatly on notebook paper or type them up but at this point it doesn’t bother me to leave them out of the book.
  • Week 2: Sort the recipe pages into categories and label the dividers.

2. Start 5K training.  Our high school is having a 5K fundraiser for our graduating class on March 3. That gives me 9 weeks to complete an 8 week program. M-W-F will my training days and I know I can do this.

  • Week 1: Charge the iPod, leash the dog and run. No excuses!  Done!  Okay, I didn’t start until Friday BUT all of last week I was dealing with a spider bite under my arm and any form of exercise, or even simple movements, were extremely painful. I’ll spare you the details because it’s just too gross to share. You’re welcome. 😉  By Friday had infection had cleared up so we leashed the dog and Alex ran with her while I set the pace with my iPod and homemade playlist.  Which worked very well I might add. It’s nice to run to music I know and like, and I knew when the song changed, it was time to run/walk again.  Our total was 24 minutes and 1.4 miles.
  • Week 2: Keep up with the 5K program. Run inside to the Wii when it rains tomorrow.

3. Organize my kitchen.  We added new furniture and new appliances to an already messy and chaotic kitchen. It drives me crazy to work in there when I can’t find what I need.  So I’m going to clean it up and clean it out and retrain my kids to keep it that way.

  • Week 1: Spice shelf; it’s what bugs me the most.  Done!  Okay, so this didn’t actually get done until tonight, but again, it wasn’t something I was going to tackle when I felt so horrible earlier in the week and yesterday we were busy all day long. But it’s done and that’s all that’s matters right?
  • Week 2: Tupperware cabinet. I’m hoping the presence of storage bins will help keep the odds-n-ends in one place.

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2 responses to “My week in review

  1. Patti B.

    January 8, 2012 at 8:53 pm

    Those seem like excellent goals! I love the way you broke the larger goals into bite-sized ones.

  2. Karen Lockinger Greenberg

    January 8, 2012 at 9:08 pm

    I put Driven to Distraction on my to-be-read list. That sounds interesting and may give me insight on some of my students. Have a great week!


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