ADD/ADHD – Something we have or something we are?

01 Sep

On my homeschool boards, there is a subgroup of several of us moms that have, or suspect we have, ADD/ADHD. One of them posted a poll inquiring about official diagnoses.  This was my response, as it coincided with some thinking I’ve been doing lately on the subject. 

I voted:

  • No, and I don’t intend to
  • No, but I suspect I may have ADD/ADHD
  • ADD/ADHD doesn’t exist – it’s just another way of thinking and processing

{Friend’s name}, it’s interesting that you added #3 b/c I’ve been thinking on that all weekend.

Thursday night I attended my new women’s small group and we played an ice breaker where we had to list 3 things about ourselves that the others probably wouldn’t know. I thought later that I could have listed I have ADD and that’s what got me thinking.

I decided that we don’t really have ADD as it’s not a disease like chicken pox or diabetes. It’s not something you catch and it’s not something you suddenly just acquire or become. It’s part of who we are from the moment of our conception. It’s not wrong or bad that my brain is wired differently; it just is. I don’t need to be medicated for it (although sometimes I wish I was!), I just need to learn how to appreciate who I was formed to be and stop battling against myself all the time.

Ideally the whole ADD label needs to go away, but since that won’t happen in our current society, would it be more appropriate to say we are ADD or that we have an ADD brain?

 So what do you think?


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