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31 Days to Cleans – Rebooted

Edited 8/12/12:  I have to admit that this was a complete and total bust.  I’ve resigned myself to the fact that as long as the bulk of the housekeeping falls to DH and the children, something as major as this isn’t going to happen.  Honestly, I don’t want to argue and fight and make it happen, nor do I want to do it all by myself.

Since my house is pretty much this side of being a disaster and Sarah Mae has put out a call for help, I decided I’d accept the challenge.  Click her image below to get the full scoop and then stay tuned for more posts on our progress.

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Even little accomplishments boost the spirit

Just a short post before I head off to get ready for bed, but I wanted to share my accomplishments from the weekend.

Goal #2: Filing – Yesterday we went shopping and I decided to hold off on buying anything new for filing until I can determine (a) what all we’ll have that needs to be filed and (b) whether my current filing cabinet can be fixed to work properly. Ultimately I’d like to get a small portable locked metal box that we could grab and go in the event of an emergency, but that’s something for a future purchase.

Goal #1: Cart Clean-Up – On a later shopping trip, I did buy a crate type box that I decided would be perfect for storing the extra school supplies in.  I have a ton of them in various locations around the house, although I think I’ve maybe consolidated the majority into my craft cart.  I want to pick up a few of the oddball extras like protractors and such since those are cheap right now and not so cheap 6 months from now, but inevitably will be broken by the time my child actually needs them.  I also plan to pick up a small plastic pencil box to hold the extras once the package has been opened.  My kids love to take 2 pencils out of a package that is then put down and never found until after another new package has been opened.  LOL  Hopefully having all the open extras in an easy to grab spot will make the homework battles and 6:30am oops, I forgot I needed more of this situations less prevalent.

A few weeks ago, one of my best friends emailed me her 31 Days to Clean Mission Statement.  I decided that I was going to come up with mine that very day, and I did.  Although I didn’t think mine was as good as hers, she reminded me that it doesn’t matter!  You can view my final Mission Statement here, but it says:

  • I want my home to be a warm and inviting atmosphere.
  • I don’t want to be embarrassed to have visitors over.
  • The Lord is directing me to step up to my duties in my home and I want to be obedient to him.
  • I want my kids to learn good cleaning habits and they need to see me cleaning to do that.

It was several weeks ago that I finished my Day 1 task, but I can happily say that today I finished Day 2 (cleaning inside the fridge and freezer).  I had originally only intended to cut up the fresh veggies I’d bought this weekend, and dump the assorted fruits out of their bags and into the fruit bin, but when I pulled open one of the drawers and saw again how icky it was inside with dried bits of this or that veggie, I decided it was well past time to get to cleaning.    We won’t even discuss how icky the bottom of the freezer looked once I took everything out.   Suffice it to say that both are cleaned and deodorized and everything was restocked nice and neat where they make sense to be.  I’m sure it’ll look totally different by the time I get home tomorrow.  LOL

I did manage to get almost all the veggies sliced, and tossed the celery tops and wilted carrots into a freezer bag for future stock use, which is an entirely different accomplishment.  🙂   The only things that didn’t get done were lettuce and strawberries, and that’s b/c Alex had already started emptying containers and I no longer had any room to work.  By the time he was done washing everything, I was too.

I’m going to make it a goal to do those in the morning but that means I’ve gotta get to bed NOW or I’ll never get up on time in the morning!

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