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Doctor Who returns tonight!

I am so excited! The season 6 premiere of Doctor Who is only hours away!! WOOHOOO!!

I’ve read some not-very-spoilish blurps and watched teasers and trailers and interviews over the past few weeks, but stopped this past week because I don’t want to see or hear or read something that gives too much away.   This is the only show I watch that I prefer to watch untainted.  Although I will say that everything I’ve seen so far says this is supposed to be the scariest Doctor Who episode ever yet made.  haha

We have plans to go visit with some new friends, toss some food on the grill, and watch The Impossible Astronaut on a big screen.  🙂

I was afraid we might have to cancel because I was feeling so horrible when I woke up this morning, but I was able to get in to see my own doctor (who, sadly, isn’t Ten or even Eleven) but he gave me strong meds and I’m already starting to feel a little bitter.

Except we’re watching The End of Time and I’m trying my hardest not to cry (thus making the sinus congestion worse) as we say good-bye to Ten and hello to Eleven.

David Tennant in The End of Time. Photograph: BBC
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