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Saturday Recap

It’s been such a busy week that I decided it was easiest to squish it all together into one multi-subject post.  I promise it shouldn’t be hard to follow.  😉

Bible in 90 days – week 2 update…

I’ve pushed myself hard and made my #b90days reading my priority above everything else with much success.  I’m on track with Day 14 and have read 13.6% of the Bible (4 books) in just 2 weeks!  I’m super excited about my progress; I feel like I really can do this.  🙂  I’m also loving the friends I’m making, the conversations we’re having, and the knowledge I’m gaining.

#3in30 July goals – week 3 update…

I haven’t made any new progress on my goals, but I haven’t fallen behind either.

Goal #1 – Clean out and organize rolling cart. Repurpose drawers.

I’ve thus far managed to not rejunk my cart.  School supplies continue to be purchased and put in their new crate. (In fact, all I have left to buy are binders, pens, and spirals.)  I do still have a stack of new organizer trays and baskets sitting on top of my cart, but some of those are for an August project and some are for the kitchen and 31 Days to Clean.

Goal #2 – Create new filing location and system. File papers.I’m still waiting on Alex to straighten my filing cabinet if he can.  I’ve been telling him all week and it’s obviously not done.  I’ll be sure to make it get done today. I want to get some progress done on this task one way or the other.

Goal #3 – Purge teenagers’ clothing items and identify what needs to be replaced.
This hasn’t been done either and will be this week’s project for them.


New phones…

For the past few week’s I’ve been participating in Coffee Lovin Mom’s Coffee Trifecta giveaways.  I was absolutely THRILLED Thursday night when she DM’d me to tell me I’d won the 2 bonus mugs she was giving away. They haven’t arrived yet, but I’ll share a picture when I get them.  I love following Amy’s coffee-related tweets throughout the day. Sometime’s they’re the caffeine-free inspiration I need.  🙂

My old G1 finally decided to die last weekend. It’s been acting up for a while now, but while Manny and I were out with friends he saw first-hand what it was doing.  Since T-Mobile no longer carries batteries for it, he went ahead and upgraded me.  I got the Samsung Galaxy S phone and I LOVE IT!  I have everything I need and more at the swipe of my finger. The screen is larger and clearer than on my G1, and makes it an absolute breeze for bible reading.  I also love that I have a Kindle app on it, because I can buy Brooke’s Warrior Prayers for Kindle now. (On a side note, I can’t believe how easy it is to read on the Kindle app. No wonder people love it so much. I might have just been converted!)


I’m holding steady but I’m tired of it.   I’ve been tracking my food and exercise for a while, but I’ve been lackadaisical about exercising enough to make a difference.  But now I have an even better form of motivation – my bestie Alicia is getting married next summer and needs an extra big push to stay motivated and drop a few pounds before the wedding.  And so we decided it’s time to get real and do this thing right.  Teaming up with another of my best heart sisters, Vickie, we’ve got a plan for 3 days of Zumba together (it’s always more fun with friends!) and I created a shared spreadsheet where we can track numbers and goals. I can’t wait to report on our progress! Since I’m not squeamish about sharing my own weight loss information, you can expect to hear more on the subject in future posts. 

Current weight: 193 
Final goal: 140 
Mini goal: <189 
2 week maintenance reward: Mandisa’s new CD
I realize my mini goal may sound odd, but I was at 186 in May, went up to 191 post-vacation, and have been bouncing back and forth between 191-193 ever since then.  I’m tired of it, so I decided that if I can just get into the 180s and stay there for 2 weeks, then I’ll reward myself.   Then I decided that all rewards will be based on a 2 week maintenance cycle b/c it syncs up with my paydays and makes it easier to budget in rewards but it also means I have to work harder to earn the goal.  It’s a lot harder to maintain a goal weight than it is to reach it, IMO!
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Fit 4Faith

Another recent site I’ve stumbled upon (finding lots of those thanks to UBP11) is Julie’s Fit 4Faith series on Come Have a Peace.  Although her challenge just ended, I’ve decided to incorporate it into my own lifestyle because it’s a perfect fit.  🙂

To start off, here’s Julie’s 24 Point Self Check for Fit 4Faith and my answers.

  1. Do you often wake up and think, “I can’t wait to go to bed tonight” or “I hope I can take a nap”?   Sometimes
  2. When you hear how much water we should drink daily, do you count coffee, Diet Dr. Pepper 😉 & tea?  Coffee yes, but I know it really shouldn’t
  3. Does your diet include all of the food groups, and not just in “shake” form?  Now it does, mostly anyway
  4. Do you find yourself eating often from the “fast food” food group?  Not so much anymore.  Non-GMO and Organic doesn’t mesh well with fast food.  LOL
  5. Would you describe your breathing as deep and even, short and tight, or panting and panicked? If you answered the 2nd or 3rd … go lay down! 🙂  Somewhere in between all those.  It’s not deep, but it’s not short and panting either, except when I’m exercising
  6. When was the last time you had an hour to do something that rested your body, mind, and spirit?  Without having to deal with outside factors?  I don’t even remember.
  7. Look at your planner (do you use a planner?); when is the next time you see a time to rest? (You can’t go into 2012. 🙂 )  My calendar doesn’t incorporate rest times
  8. How many times in a month do you go for a walk? Shopping doesn’t count. 🙂  Does walking around at work half the day count?
  9. Have your tennis shoes lasted longer than two years? A decade?  My current pair is probably at least 6 months old. They only get worn evenings, Fridays, and weekends.
  10. Would you describe your posture as strong and straight or tense and tight? Relax … 🙂  Slouched and really bad
  11.  Do you often eat while driving, standing up, or walking around (grazing)?  Not so much anymore. Again, that kind of eating doesn’t do well with our new food choices.
  12. Would someone watching you say your shoulders are more hunched over or pulled back?  hunched, definitively
  13. Do you spend most of your grocery shopping time in the inside or around the outside of the aisles?  outside aisles, and the shop in bulk aisle b/c that’s where they keep the honey and maple sugar and fresh ground peanut butter, and my seasonings and spices and flour
  14. Back to the water question … are you trying to count what you inadvertently drink in the shower? 😉  nope
  15. When you go to the doctor for an annual exam and have to answer if you exercise, do you say something like, “My whole life is exercise!” (My doctor doesn’t accept this anymore.)  hahaha   no.  i just tell him i’m working on it.
  16. Have you been to the doctor for an annual exam?   not yet this year. 
  17. As you read God’s Word, do you let yourself reread passages, think, and reread again?  yes, but it’s not always intentional. sometimes i let myself get distracted and then i have to reread it anyway.
  18. When you pray, do you get up and feel refreshed?  usually yes, but i’m really bad about praying regularly
  19. Do you find yourself stuck in a chair long enough to need to apply new lipstick or warm up your coffee?  yup 
  20. How do you decide what you’re going to eat? Coupons? Leftovers? Cravings? Beat the kids to it?  depends on whats in the pantry. we’re working towards a meal plan but we’re still learning to shop organic and cook at home so it’s difficult some days.
  21. When you look in the mirror, do you ever wonder who that exhausted woman is looking back at you?  Sadly, yes.  Some days I think I look way too tired and worn to only be 37.
  22. Do you feel like you have to pray to God in morse code or short hand?  Sometimes
  23. After reading God’s Word, does it go in one ear and out the other, or does it linger in your mind and come back often? Depends on how much attention I’m giving to God when I read
  24. Is your idea of a well rounded meal accomplished by visiting the sample station at Sam’s Club?  Nope, but I don’t shop at Sam’s.  😉
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