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The dangers of fluoride poisoning

Manny and I have been saying for several months now that we strongly feel his medical problems are linked to fluoride poisoning. A lot of reading over the past few days has shown us that there is widespread documentation and scientific research that strongly links fluoride as a culprit to a number of illnesses, with Fibromyalgia itself being a severe form of fluoride poisoning.

Below are links to what we have found to be one of the best put together, easy to understand websites for causes, questions, historical background, and natural detox methods.

“…you really only need to know one thing about the connection between fluoride & fibromyalgia, and that is this: if fluoride is indeed the cause of your condition, you will see a dramatic improvement in your symptoms simply by minimizing your exposure to fluoride. In this way, you can not only prove or disprove the cause of your condition, but even potentially make yourself better at the very same time. “

Once thing that is of great interest to me is an emerging link between hypothyroidism, fluoride poisoning, and FM. Every time we visit his FM doctor, she tells Manny that his thyroid levels are good. His PCP says the same thing (and mine too) but still we both have many of the classic symptoms of hypothyroidism. There is some evidence that suggests the current levels used to identify hypothyroidism is much too high, which would also be supported by our own personal lab results as stated by our MDs. In addition, women need almost twice as much iodine as men. I’d almost guarantee that if Manny’s iodine levels are lacking, mine most definitively are! Ironically though, instead of treating hypothyroidism with iodine, physicians just prescribe more chemically-created medications. Since iodine can easily and safely be absorbed through the skin this is one thing we’ll be trying.   Of added benefit, iodine also leeches fluoride and other heavy metals out of the body.

Anyone want to take guesses on how long before we feel better?

So what are the quickest ways to decrease fluoride intake? Go ahead and roll your eyes at me, because it’s the same thing we’ve been saying for months now, and with good reason.

  • Stop using tap water – especially to cook! Two mg/L of fluoride is known to cause cancer in lab animals. EPA regulations call for 0.7-1.2 mg/L in water; La Porte’s 2009 water quality report indicates the highest sampling level at 0.92 mg/L.
  • Switch to bottled spring water (make sure it says it’s actually sourced from a spring; Kroger’s is NOT, despite the label!) or water that was filtered using reverse osmosis for all drinking and cooking needs.
  • Get a reverse osmosis water filter for your tap, your shower (you absorb fluoride through your skin too), and your fridge. R/O purification removes ~90% of fluoride from water.
  • Invest in a multi-stage water purifier. (Berkey is a great brand used world-wide, and we will be investing in one w/ the fluoride filters and a showerhead just as soon as my tax refund comes in.)
  • Fluoride doesn’t evaporate in cooking, it concentrates. 
  • Avoid foods known to be high in fluoride: green & black tea, grapes/raisins, processed foods (esp. sodas, bottled juices, soups, etc.). 
  • Shop organic and cook at home! Most commercial pesticides (which are typically not used in USDA certified organic food items) include some of the most toxic types of fluoride.
  • Check the chemical makeup of your prescription drugs. Many current and common medications now contain fluoride. If the chemical makeup includes “FL” it’s probably fluoridated. This site gives a very detailed list of meds by drug category:
  • Change your dental products. Toss the fluoride-laden pastes, gels, washes, rinses, and flosses and find ones that are fluoride free. Tom’s of Maine makes a decent tasting no fluoride toothpaste, but we prefer the Desert Essence Tea Tree line. (Tea tree oil has incredible antimicrobial properties that can be used to treat just about everything and is a staple in our house – just don’t drink it.)
  • Do your own research. Pray over this issue, asking God to grant you wisdom and knowledge of the truth as you read both “propaganda” and “conspiracy” sites. God started us on this path and continues to lead us to more in depth information with the obligation of sharing this information with those we can. Some of you can even attest that He started me on this path almost 1.5 years ago because I had to slowly become adjusted to the concepts and lifestyle I’ve now embraced wholeheartedly. LOL
  • Spread the word. Tell others in your circle of influence, tell your doctors. Convince them they need to do their own research and take this seriously.
  • A few more interesting links Some vegies, fruits and nuts have naturally occurring fluorine in them and there’s nothing we can do about that other than avoid them completely or at least make it a very-once-a-while food. Some foods are more susceptible to fluoride accumulation from the water and pesticides that are used. That salad spinner just made it to the top of my “must buy” list and *everything* is going to have to be washed first. The body can clear up to 3mg/day of fluoride through urine and sweat. Levels of 20-40mg/day start to inhibit calcium absorption, and levels 40-70mg/day can cause heartburn and extremity pain.

    Interesting link: Of particular note – Teflon is made with fluoride and leeches into cooked food.

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