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disclaimer to my friends: this is long. it’s been a very emotional, spiritual morning and i thought it easiest to just keep an email open to record my thoughts over the course of the day rather than try to remember and recreate it all later tonight. if it seems disjointed, i apologize in advance. my mind is not my own today.

ready? here we go.

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Ice cream!

To celebrate the successful implementation of the Epic Business Systems in 3 hospitals, we’re having sundaes. =)   As of July 7th, EBS is fully rolled out to all 3 hospitals, the dialysis center, 13 community health centers, and ~26 school based clinics.   It’s been 5 years in the making but it’s now out of development (my team) and into production support.  WOOHOO!!

Clik for piks!

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Complaint free week

This morning I was led to The Striving Wife website, and Heather’s challenge to spend an entire week complaint free. I decided that I’m up for the challenge!

Challenge Yourself


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The new building

After months and months of delays, the floorplans for the new building have FINALLY been complete.   We were only supposed to move in AUGUST people.  It’s about time they got with the program!  LOL

Kirby floorplans and themes

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