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Only 2 weeks in…

I cannot believe how crazy this week has been.  I must be starting to get on the right track because it seems like everywhere I turn it’s nothing but one attack after another.

Trust in the LORD with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight.  — Proverbs 3:5-6 (NASB)

Huh. I was looking for a good scripture on faith and found one on understanding instead, not even realizing it until after I’d pasted and formatted the text.  So yeah, that’s the kind of week I’ve had.

I am relying fully on faith right now, reminding myself that this is all part of His plan and His purpose and I just have to go with it and rely on Him to see us through.  When life spins out of control, it’s all any of us can do.

Both boys have acted out and I need to read Hope for the Weary Mom now more than ever. Because oh, am I weary.

I am weary with my crying; my throat is parched; My eyes fail while I wait for my God. — Psalm 69:3 (NASB)

Alex’s actions are those of a newly turned 18 year old but they have made waves in the household and the tension is thick.  Andy’s actions are far more severe and far reaching, and I don’t think he yet understands the consequences that are before him. But it’s out of my hands; all I can do is be supportive and keep praying.

Hello Mornings and Bible in 90 Days start Monday.  I’m excited and I know I can do this. I’m going to try to blog about it, but no promises.

Week 2 update on my goals for January 2012.

1. Recipe binders. I have 2 binders already filled with sheet protectors and dividers, I just need to collect all the loose paper copies, sort them, and insert them into the binders.

  • Week 1: Gather recipes. There’s no telling where all I have them stacked at. Done!  My loose recipes are in the top drawer of my cart (where I keep my future reading and blank journals). I also printed out some of my favorites from online along with a few that I hope to try soon and added them to the stack. I did not include Alex’s handwritten-on-sticky-notes recipes because they’re in his shorthand and for everything he himself is responsible for making (like italian bread and tortillas). At some point I’ll have him write them neatly on notebook paper or type them up but at this point it doesn’t bother me to leave them out of the book.
  • Week 2: Sort the recipe pages into categories and label the dividers. Done! I haven’t actually labeled the dividers themselves but I did put the recipes into sheet protectors and sorted them into categories with sticky notes where the dividers will go.  I have: breads & muffins, sweets, condiments & dressings, side dishes, soups & stews, entrees.  At some point I may need to break entrees into beef/poultry/pasta but I’m not going to do that now.
  • Week 3: Devise a method of indexing the recipes. I’m thinking the easiest way to do it may be to put page numbers in the corners and then just keep an alphabetical TOC by category at the front of each binder.  I want to be able to quickly find the recipes I’m looking for, but at the same time I don’t want to constantly be shuffling pages around either.

2. Start 5K training.  Our high school is having a 5K fundraiser for our graduating class on March 3. That gives me 9 weeks to complete an 8 week program. M-W-F will my training days and I know I can do this.

  • Week 1: Charge the iPod, leash the dog and run. No excuses!  Done!  Okay, I didn’t start until Friday BUT all of last week I was dealing with a spider bite under my arm and any form of exercise, or even simple movements, were extremely painful. I’ll spare you the details because it’s just too gross to share. You’re welcome. 😉  By Friday had infection had cleared up so we leashed the dog and Alex ran with her while I set the pace with my iPod and homemade playlist.  Which worked very well I might add. It’s nice to run to music I know and like, and I knew when the song changed, it was time to run/walk again.  Our total was 24 minutes and 1.4 miles.
  • Week 2: Keep up with the 5K program. Run inside to the Wii when it rains tomorrow. Done!  I actually managed to run Monday night during a break in the rain.  Andy and I even saw a crawdad wandering across our path.  🙂   Wednesday night I didn’t run because of the day’s drama and I really wasn’t in the mood.  Last night I went out for coffee with a friend and didn’t think about it.  I’d like to make time to get a 2nd run in tonight or tomorrow but we’ll see what happens.
  • Week 3: Start week 2 of the 5K training program.  Register for the race on Friday.

3. Organize my kitchen.  We added new furniture and new appliances to an already messy and chaotic kitchen. It drives me crazy to work in there when I can’t find what I need.  So I’m going to clean it up and clean it out and retrain my kids to keep it that way.

  • Week 1: Spice shelf; it’s what bugs me the most.  Done!  Okay, so this didn’t actually get done until tonight, but again, it wasn’t something I was going to tackle when I felt so horrible earlier in the week and yesterday we were busy all day long. But it’s done and that’s all that’s matters right?
  • Week 2: Tupperware cabinet. I’m hoping the presence of storage bins will help keep the odds-n-ends in one place.  Not done yet.  I have the bins, I just haven’t made the time to sit down and go through everything.  Going to try very hard to get this finished Sunday.
  • Week 3: Pantry cabinets.  My pantry is a mess and needs to be cleaned out and organized.  We have too much of some staples and not enough of others and I can’t go shopping without knowing what I need.
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Waiving the White Flag

Are you the mother of boys who often finds herself ready to waive the white flag in defeat?

Do they drain you, overwhelm you, steal your heart, break your heart and cause you more anxiety than you ever dreamed possible?

Maybe you only have one boy amongst a sea of estrogen and you just can’t figure out how to respond to him in a way that affirms all that is good about his masculinity.

You’re not alone.

Last May, over 1300 women and a few dads in SEVEN different countries joined together to pray purposefully and passionately for the hearts of their sons in a challenge called 21 Days of Prayer for Sons. 21 Days is based on the best-selling eBook Warrior Prayers: Praying the Word for Boys in the Areas They Need it Most.

Even our best parenting efforts don’t come with a guarantee. As much as we might wish we could change their hearts of stone to hearts of flesh (Ezekiel 36:26), we can’t. But we serve a God who can. Knowing this, it becomes quite clear that there is only one thing we can do…

Plead with God.


“The fervent prayers of a righteous man avails much.” James 5:17.

It’s our hope.

The next 21 Days of Prayer for Sons challenge starts September 6 and ends September 26, 2011. How can you participate? Easy!

  1. Purchase your own copy of Warrior Prayers: Praying the Word for Boys in the Areas They Need it Most (just $5.97 as a PDF download or on Amazon Kindle!) You could, in theory, participate in the challenge without a personal copy, but your experience will be much deeper and richer with it.
  2. Commit to praying for your son(s) or grandsons 10 times a day for 21 days straight. This is a huge commitment, so if you feel God leading you to participate, pray and ask Him to give you the strength and endurance you need.
  3. Consider leading your own group on your blog or in your community!
  4. Sign-up HERE!

Get inspired by recent participants!

“This challenge…has given me my joy back in mothering” ~LaToya

“Thank you for giving me a tangible method for transformation in my family!!” ~Anne

“Thanks, Brooke for your help. I’ve always known that God was listening; I just didn’t know what to say!” ~Laurel

“So many heart changes are going on in our home and I’m just so thankful…” ~Ashley


Brooke is a mom of two young boys who leave her desperate for God’s grace. Her pursuit of being a better mom has left her at the foot of the cross, knowing that if God doesn’t show up … nothing happens. This dependence upon God to turn hearts of stone to hearts of flesh leads her to her knees in prayer. She’s the author of the best-selling eBook Warrior Prayers: Praying the Word for Boys in the Areas They Need it Most, creator of the 21 Days of Prayer for Sons challenge and co-founder of the well-loved online community for mothers of boys, the M.O.B. Society. She offers hope for change to the hearts of women at her main blog, A Life in Need of Change.

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Boys need lots of prayers – and so do their moms!

As a momma to two teenage boys, I can attest that boys need all the prayers they can get, and then some more! And then when you think you’ve prayed all you can for one day, you need to pray some more because you know that in the next 10 minutes – or 2, if they’re like my boys – they’ll have done or said something that will leave you praying not only for your self-control sanity but their ability to learn self preservation skills as well.  By the end of the day you’re tired and frazzled and begin to count the minutes until they go to bed. Unless you can make it to yours first.

But there’s hope because you’re not alone, and there’s help for you.

The Lord in all His awesome wonder, laid it on the heart of a wonderful woman and fellow boy mom, Brooke, to share her heart and His words in the form of her e-book, Warrior Prayers: Praying the Word for Boys in the Areas They Need it Most.

This wonderful book contains 21 dedicated prayer topics chosen specifically for boys.  Brooke even gives you 10 scriptures for each topic that you can pray over your boys.  See how easy it is?  You buy the book {available in PDF, Kindle, or Nook versions; it’s very inexpensive and more than well worth it}, you read it, and you pray for your boys. 
And if you’re boys are anything at all like my boys, you’ll read it so many times you’ll eventually start to memorize those scriptures.  ;o)
Want to know what makes this oh-so-wonderful book even better?   The fall session of 21 Days of Prayer for Sons runs Sept 6-26 and you can sign up here.  There are even groups for all kinds of different boy moms, no matter what stage in life your boys are at. {I’ve joined FB groups for middle school, high school, and working moms. I figure between the 3 groups, someone will understand my frustrations!}
This will be my 3rd session, but not just my 3rd time reading it. :o)  Make the time to pray for your boys. You won’t regret it.
Disclaimer: Although Brooke is giving away a free copy of the Leader’s Guide to those that blog about the book and the fall session, I was going to do it anyway so the guide is just a bonus. I’m not ready to lead a session yet, but hopefully soon. 
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Praying for my sons – week 1 link up

This week has been a challenge for me.  I have been challenged at work by an extremely busy scheduled that left me little time to stop and pray.  I have been challenged at home with disobedient and neglectful children that leave me tired and frustrated. I have been challenged by my own problems, by situations not entirely within my control that pull my focus to myself instead of my responsibilities.

Always be joyful. Never stop praying. Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus. 1 Thes 5:16-18

But in this, I have been disobedient and neglectful.  I must stop letting these situations interfere with time spent on my knees in prayer for my boys.  It is my duty to them and to my Lord as their mother.

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Day 90 Update

Today is day 90 of the Bible in 90 Days challenge hosted by MomsToolbox.  Congratulations to all those that have finished!  I currently happen to be on day 50, but one of these days I’ll finish it.

I started the 90 day read because I really need to read the bible all the way through for a change. I thought 90 days was a good challenge and I had every intention of keeping up with it.  But then one day was extra busy and I didn’t get all my reading done, and the next was busy and I got further behind, and then because it was busy and I was tired, I played a game instead of reading, and before I knew it, I was a good week behind.   Oh, I put forth the extra effort to get caught up, but then I let the things of this world get in the way and fell behind again.  Rinse and repeat.  That brings us to day 90 and I’m still on day 50.

But that’s okay.  I’m perfectly okay with being on day 50 because I know I will finish it.  I’d like to say I’ve set my own goal date to finish by, but I’d be lying if I did. I’ll get there when I get there and I refuse to allow myself to feel bad over it.  I know there will be a day where I can pick up my bible and all on my own finish it in 90 days, and I’ll be overjoyed whenever that day arrives. In the meantime, I’ll just be overjoyed to say that for the first time ever I’ll have read the entire bible straight through.

In the meantime, I plan to join MomsToolbox for Blogging Through the Gospels, which starts Monday.  Figured I might as well since I’m going to be reading the Gospels anyway, right?  LOL

I’m also participating in the “Try It” challenge from Peak313. She’s challenging everyone that joins to try a new food each week.  Who knows, maybe we’ll find something we really like!

Also ongoing is the 21 Days of Prayer for Sons challenge, where we’re reading Warrior Prayers: Praying the Word for Boys in the Areas They Need it Most by Brooke McGlothlin.  Each day for 21 weekdays, we pray for a specific area of our boys lives.  Day 1 started off with obedience.  I’ve gone ahead and started praying day 2 (submission to authority) today b/c my boys need A LOT of extra prayers in those two areas.   Only have little girls in your house?  Then join us anyway and pray for your future sons-in-law!

I’d love to see you join us on one  (or more!) of the challenges!


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