Happy Easter!

23 Mar

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I’m heading out soon for a Sonrise service on the beach. It’s a little chilly this morning but I don’t care. I missed it last year b/c of rain, I’m not going to miss it this morning. I’ve been up since 5am, and now I’m prayed up, revved and ready to go.

Updated at 8:10am

The service was better than I expected. I thought it was outside at the open-air gazebo right on the water, but it was actually in the large pavilion. The pavilion seats about 500 and is a circular building with floor-to-ceiling windows all around. The service was actually a community service that is sponsored by the city’s Ministerial Alliance. I’d guess there were about 250 people there, maybe 300. We had almost 20 of us from my church, which is a very good turnout for a 6:30am service. LOL

It was beautiful to watch the sun rise over Galveston Bay, although at first it seemed it would be too cloudy for a decent sunrise. God always prevails! By the time the sun actually peeked above the water, the clouds had thinned enough to scatter God’s watercolours throughout the sky. The entry pic is the one I took just after service ended, about 7:15, just after the sun was fully risen. It’s mornings like this that remind me why I absolutely LOVE living out here.

The kids are awake, but I haven’t given them their easter baskets yet. They’ll get those after church. I don’t need them hyped up on chocolate all morning long.  Not that the baskets are all that.  This year it’s a stuffed bunny (one gray w/ a basketball and one brown w/ a soccer ball) and assorted chocolates.  Usually I add little stuff like hot wheels and a couple books, maybe some art stuff or whatever it is they’re interested in that year, but money’s tight this month so we stuck with the basics.  Not that they’re going to care, but I do.  KWIM?

DH is sleeping. He had an attack at 3:30 this morning and had to take some codeine.  *sigh*   I really wish that I could get him to understand that these are SPIRITUAL attacks on his physical body.  I keep praying over him and declaring authority in Jesus’ name for his healing, and for supernatural strength to push through these attacks b/c they are almost ALWAYS late Saturday/early Sunday and keep him home from church more often then they should.  He doesn’t understand that the only way they’re going to stop is when he sees them for what they truly are and declares authority over them, and then just pushes through and does what needs to be done regardless.     *sigh*  I WILL pray him through this. It’s my duty as a Christian wife to do so.  He’s already the spritual head of our household, but God has oh-so-much more in store for him.  I just know it!! 

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